Government serves an important function. It is the custodian of society. It regulates the relationships of society for healthy and sustainable outcomes. It invests in a future much further than the private sector has the appetite to do.

This is because it is assumed that individuals and businesses have only themselves in mind. This must be balanced out with an organisation dedicated to the long-term sustainability of a healthy and prospering society.

That is the intent. When this is mixed with politics this intent gets sidetracked with shenanigans, personal gain, vendettas, and incompetence.

The biggest challenge is that governments regulate the citizens with the carrot and the stick. Citizens, the feedback loop for the government, have only carrots at their disposal. We must operate on trust that you will do what you say you will do, and trust that you will be self-accountable if you don’t.

It creates automatic counter-incentives that jeopardize the equation.

Authentic, selfless leadership is the cure, not in a person, but as a culture in this altruistic organisation. If this is not achievable, the organisation no longer fulfills its purpose in the society it is meant to defend. It becomes the very evil it intends to oppose.

The answer becomes a minimalist state.


Marco Oriolesi

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