You did it. You cracked the market, discovered your cookie monster clients and started selling products. Over time, the needs of the bigger market evolve. We choose to evolve with it. It makes sense. You have to give the people what they want.

There is always a contingent of your customers who like things the way they are. They do not want the new stuff. Often, we have an adapt or die mentality to these customers. The cost of grandfathering them on old versions and old products is high and gets higher over time.

Most of these customers are not as negative and critical as they appear. They are uncertain of the future. They are begging you to help them navigate this change they did not choose. Great service helps your customers grow with you and share in your vision of the future.

Get this right and you will not only secure loyalty, but you will also create advocates and marketers for life.

Accommodate as many as you can, you worked really hard to get them as customers after all.

Sami Boudjelti

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