When we take responsibility, we act. We create vision. We inspire effort. We sometimes believe that great leaders always have the answers. We do not measure up to this belief. We inevitably encounter failure, delays, and difficulty.

This is the path of every leader. Every person that takes responsibility will discover the sacrifice included in the package. It forces the leader to make a choice.

Going it alone. This feels brave and heroic. It feels like the path of true leadership. Those born to move humanity forward. The opposite is usually true. You continually trip over the same obstacle. Yourself.

Getting input. This feels like a failure. It feels like a compromise. It is only a compromise if our idea of leadership is painting the hero. If leadership is the service of others, the input is not only wise, it is essential.

The greater the responsibility, the greater the sphere of influence, the greater the cost of error.

Don’t back down or lower your expectations. Build a better team.


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