Time is the most valuable resource we have. It is finite. We cannot replace or repair it. (For now at least.) The way we spend our time sends a strong message about our priorities. The way we spend other peoples’ time says plenty about our respect for what they value.

This effect is compounded in meetings. We all committed to set aside time to solve a problem, design a solution, or implement a strategy. If I pitch up 5 minutes late, that sends a message. If I disengage the meeting to send emails or reply to texts that sends a message.

Either the meeting is ill-conceived and wasting all our time, or I believe my time is more valuable than all of your’s combined.

Let’s spend 5 more minutes to consider if the meeting is necessary. Determine if everyone we invited will add value and need to be there instead of receiving a memo.

Then commit. Ensure everyone else does too.



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