You have an idea. It’s your life’s mission. Your purpose. It’s big. It scares you. The worst part is, no one thinks it is possible. Like Col. Saunders, you’ve knocked down 1000 doors with no breakthrough. Maybe it’s time to give up?

Let’s call that option one.

Overwhelming dreams overwhelm most people to the point of defeat. If you told the Wright brothers they would crack manned flight when they left school, I am pretty sure they would have failed. They started with bicycles. They understood the most efficient machine known to man. They sold it, repaired it, and improved it, long before they tinkered with wings.

You eat an elephant the same way you do a chicken, bite by bite. It just takes longer.

Build cash cows. Businesses that add value and generate income. They serve as stepping stones to your ultimate vision. They serve as oracles to teach you the right path. Every mile is not a race.

Let’s call this option 2.

Anthony Guay

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