Change is a necessary consequence of growth. Intuitively we know this. Change is good. It allows us to grow up. It allows our gardens to flourish. It enables our understanding to evolve. It makes us uncomfortable.

Joseph Campbell captured the essence of change. It is the Hero’s Journey. The path we all walk. If we choose to embark on this journey, to become the hero we know we are, we must leave our comfort zone. We must boldly go.

We want change to be like Tarzan swinging vines. Never leaving the one before firmly grasping the next. Change requires sacrifice. It requires us to die. Die to complacency. Die to comfort. Die to the limitations and constraints we believe we have.

Like a seed, it is in this death that we are released to explore new lands. It is in letting go that we can leap forward. It is in leaping forward that we encourage others to do the same.


Lane Smith

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