We built really smart businesses. Great business architecture, systems infrastructure, and process flows. We hire the smartest people and design the best products. We develop and implement strategies that astound even the largest global business.

This was the recipe for success.

Now, even if you have all of these capabilities, your business is vulnerable. Your business must increase its situational awareness; its ability to recognise changes in the environment and initiate change.

You need a business intelligence system. One that is truly intelligent. Like the body, your business has a sensory capacity. It operates at the boundary between your internal and external environment. Where you touch your customer, hear their needs, see changes in trends. You taste the possibilities created by technology and smell the coming rain.

The good news is you already have this capacity. You have all the smart people and infrastructure to pull this off. You need to reprogram your brain to be sensitive to the information coming from the extremities and interpret them accurately.

Strategy is not a cognitive function, it’s a creative function. Your business intelligence system provides the stimulus for change.


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