This is the quantum leap. When I work as an employee I do what I’m told or expected. I follow processes and schedules that someone else creates for me. This is easy. I do not have to think. I am not expected to create. This is also hard. I have limited freedom. Everything I do is determined by someone else.

Why? This is because other people do. They create. They inspire. They set a vision that leads us forward. They create motion. They unlock energy.

You too are a creator. You have the capacity to think, to solve, to lead. It requires that you take responsibility. You do not have to lead an organisation. Just lead yourself. Two amazing things will happen.

You will realise how much work it is to think; to create out of nothing. Usually, you just maintain momentum or implement a vision. It takes much more energy to create.

You will discover how fulfilling it is to add value to the world. Tackle a problem with creativity instead of complacency. You might even change the world.

For a great read on how to get started, I suggest Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work.

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