I am so inspired by the person on the other side of a sales call. They deal with an incredible amount of rejection on a daily basis. Often in a disrespectful manner.

They quickly learn to become like water. It is never hindered in its ultimate pursuit. It meets whatever stands in its path with respect and flexibility. Water teaches us the value of time. What could be achieved if we changed the time frame of our decisions?

Big change is possible. In fact, it is our mandate. We have the capacity to accomplish extraordinary feats. We need only prepare for the long run. We need resilience. The ability to bounce back. This is easy to do when we know what we are fighting for. It is easy to do when we see the end goal.

Enter hyperbolic discounting. It is very difficult for me to associate myself with the person I will be 30 years from now. That person is a stranger to me. Why put in all this time with limited gratification. Why sacrifice now for what will be to the benefit of a stranger later.

The same things happen in retirement planning.


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