About this blog.

Authentic Perspectives on Business

I investigate everything we believe about business. I explore the nuances that distinguish good from great. I offer alternative considerations to plot the course to thriving purpose.


What content to expect…

Business as it could be

What does a successful business of the future look like? How do we design it? How do we make it work? Is it even possible? These and many more questions explored under this category.

Are we there yet

Your business journey sometimes feels like an endless battle with little reprieve. Occasionally, we just need a fresh perspective or the knowledge that we are not alone. Hope in spades offered in this category.

Maintaining momentum

Breakthrough is here. You finally made it! Awesome! Be watchful of hubris, she is a cunning vixen. She boasts many last-mile failures, the hare being the most famous. We explore the art of maintaining forward motion.

The Approach

What you get


  1. Challenge your thinking with 300 words or less. Usually less.
  2. An occasional in-depth article when the subject matter requires.
  3. Re-imagined possibilities of what business could be and how to get there.